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ABA Therapy

Our focused services are short-term behavioral services designed to help clients focus on improving specific skill areas and reducing challenging behavior across settings.

These services take place in the individual’s natural home setting. Weekly therapy hours are determined on a case by case basis. They can range anywhere from 4 hours to 20 hours per week based on each individual client's needs.


Some examples of focused/short-term services could include, but are not limited to: toilet training, food tolerance, specific behavioral concerns, establishing household/daily routines, functional living skills, community safety, and/or emotion regulation.

Candidates for Focused/Short-Term Services:

(1) Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), neurodevelopmental disorder, intellectual disability, or developmental delay.

(2) Be 4 years of age or older

(3) Have behavioral, adaptive, and/or communication needs that limit access to the community and other envrionments. 

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