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ABA Therapy

Our Comprehensive or Early Intensive Behavior Services provide intensive behavior services designed to teach children new skills and minimize or eliminate challenging behavior across settings. These services are individualized and comprehensive based on developmental milestones. Services are typically provided daily for 15 to 40 hours per week during the early development period (18 months to age 5).

We make every effort to create therapy that maximizes the child’s success and minimizes failures. To help accomplish this, we use errorless learning for skill acquisition, provide reinforcement for appropriate behavior, and intermix mastered skills with new skills all while using the child’s motivation during sessions to identify and effectively use reinforcement.


Candidates for Comprehensive Services:


(1) Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), neurodevelopmental disorder, intellectual disability, or developmental delay.

(2) Be 18 months to 5 years of age (EIBI) and 5 years of age to adult of (IBI)

(3) Show significant delays or concerns in three or more of the following areas: daily living skills, play skills, emotional regulation, speech, language, communication, and social skills.

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